KS Clients

KS Energy Search Group is a professional Oil and Gas Recruiting firm, focused on providing Oil and Gas companies with our 12 point thoroughly screened, properly educated and experienced candidates.

We pride ourselves on offering specific technical resources to meet the recruiting needs for permanent employees for both Independent and Major Oil and Gas companies.

KS Energy Search Group tailors each search to meet the client’s recruiting needs with an unparalleled degree of quality, efficiency, and pride. We save your business valuable time and capital by submitting only the highest caliber candidates that are ideally suited for your specific requirements.

Our staff’s knowledge and experience will provide your business with the most outstanding personnel the industry has to offer. Your need is our priority, and the results of our efforts will be talent that you can count on to grow your organization.

Important questions clients should ask when choosing a strategic recruiting partner:

  1. Is the company’s area of expertise specific to my industry?
  2. Do they have the background, resources and technology to be effective?
  3. Who specifically will do what work?
  4. Will I receive dedicated resources?
  5. How much time and energy can I expect you to invest?
  6. Who will you call – who won’t you call?