Jobs Coming Soon

Area Engineer- Tulsa, OK
Design Drafter- Tulsa, OK
I/E Technician- Velma, OK
I/E Technician- Coalgate, OK
Maintenance Technician- Stuart, OK
Maintenance Technician- Velma, OK
Measurement Analyst- Tulsa, OK
Operations Technician- Stuart, OK
Pipeline Technician- Coalgate, OK
Pipeline Technician- Velma, OK
Plant Operations Technician- Velma, OK
Senior Business Analyst- Tulsa, OK
Senior Counsel- Tulsa, OK
Senior Internal Auditor- Tulsa, OK
Senior Lead Accounting Analyst- Tulsa, OK
Pipeline Supervisor Operations- Tacoma, WA
Terminal Maintenance Supervisor- Tacoma, WA
Terminal Maintenance Technician- Tacoma, WA
Terminal Operations Technician- Tacoma, WA
Electrician Technician- Lovington, NM
I/E Technician- Monument, NM
I/E Technician- Eunice, NM
Maintenance Technician- Monument, NM
Maintenance Technician-Eunice, NM
Measurement Technician- Eunice, NM
Pipeline Technician- Carlsbad, NM
Plant Operations Technician- Monument, NM
Plant Operations Technician- Eunice, NM
Plant Supervisor- Eunice, NM
Area Engineer- Venice, LA
NGL Controller- Sulpher, LA
Pipeline Technician- Sulpher, LA
Sr. NGL Controller- Sulpher, LA
Analyzer Technician- Mont Belvieu, TX
Area Engineer- Kermit, TX
Area Engineer- Midland, TX
AutoCAD Drafter- Mont Belvieu, TX
Automation Control Specialist- Pettus, TX
Cathodic Protection Technician- Chico, TX
Construction Inspector- Big Spring, TX
Construction Inspector- Midland, TX
Construction Supervisor- Wickett, TX
Corrosion Technician- Mertzon, TX
DCS PLC Technician- Mont Belvieu, TX
Design Drafter- Midland, TX
Electrician- Mont Belvieu, TX
Environmental Specialist- Mont Belvieu, TX
Field Pipeline Operator- Chico, TX
General Maintenance Technician- Channelview, TX
I/E Technicians (2)- Mont Belvieu, TX
I/E Supervisor- Crane, TX
I/E Technician- Wickett, TX
I/E Technician (3)- Midland, TX
I/E Technician- Abilene, TX
I/E Technician (2)- Chico, TX
I/E Technician- Cleburne, TX
I/E Technician- Midkiff, TX
I/E Technician- Pecos, TX
Maintenance Technician (2)- Odessa, TX
Maintenance Technician (2)- Chico, TX
Maintenance Technician (3)- Crane, TX
Maintenance Technician- Rankin, TX
Maintenance Technician- Stanton, TX
Maintenance Technician- Midkiff, TX
Maintenance Technician- Pecos, TX
Measurement Coordinator- Mont Belvieu, TX
Measurement Technician- Big Spring, TX
Measurement Technician- Wink, TX
Measurement Technician- kermit, TX
Measurement Technician- Mont Belvieu
Operations Manager- Kermit, TX
Operations Technician- Big Spring, TX
Operations Technician- Wink, TX
Operations Technician- Pettus, TX
Pipeline Supervisor- Midkiff, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Kermit, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Monahans, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Midland, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Abilene, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Chico, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Grandbury, TX
Pipeline Technicians- Mont Belvieu, TX
Pipeline Technicians (2)- Stanton, TX
Pipeline Technicians (2)- Pecos, TX
Plant Operations Technicians (3)- Midland, TX
Plant Operations Technicians (2)- Coyanosa, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Rankin, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Galena Park, TX
Plant Operations Technicians (2)- Stanton, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Lenorah, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Kermit, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Midkiff, TX
Plant Operations Technicians- Pecos, TX
Plant Supervisor- Kermit, TX
Plant Supervisor- Pecos, TX
Project Engineer- Mont Belvieu, TX
Project Manager- Mont Belvieu, TX
Rotating Maintenance Technician- Mont Belvieu, TX
Safety Programs & Training Specialist- Mont Belvieu, TX
Safety Specialist- Mont Belvieu, TX
Safety Specialist- Crane, TX
Safety Specialist- Beeville, TX
SCADA Technician- Midland, TX
Scheduler/Planner (2)- Mont Belvieu, TX
Chief Financial Officer- Tulsa, OK
Director Finance- Houston, TX
Senior Reservoir Engineer- Charleston, WV
Chief Information Officer- Houston, TX
Chief Financial Officer- Denver, CO
Senior Production Accountant- Denver, CO
Chief Operating Officer- Denver, CO
Marketing Manager- Denver, CO
Senior Regulatory Analyst- Denver, CO
Reservoir Engineer II- Denver, CO
Land Administrator- Denver, CO
Senior Revenue Accountant- Denver, CO
Senior Division Order Analyst- Denver, CO
Surface Landman- Denver, CO
Senior Financial Analyst- Denver, CO
Staff Completions Engineer- Houston, TX Area
Sr. Reservoir Analyst- Houston, TX Area
Sr. Staff Reservoir Engineer- Houston, TX Area